Henderson Honored with ICMA Certificate of Excellence

Following the receipt of a Certificate of Distinction in 2020, the City of Henderson has been presented a 2021Certificate of Excellence by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) for exemplifying their standards when applying performance data to the many decisions made to govern and manage the City effectively. Certificates of Excellence (highest level), Distinction, and Achievement honor jurisdictions that have incorporated the principles of performance management at varying levels into their organizations. Office of Performance & Innovation, under the City Manager’s direction, facilitated great strides in the use of operational and strategic data to inform both policy and resource allocation decisions. Public reporting of data and the accountability that accompanies it are key standards set by ICMA, thus many of the data sets used to inform decisions by City leadership are also available to the public through this Open Data Portal.
Henderson ICMA Certificate of Excellence Award
Listing of 2021 ICMA Performance Management Award Recipients from Public Management Magazine