Livable Communities

Henderson prides itself on being a welcoming, connected, and vibrant community, intentionally designed to offer a range of housing choices, a clean environment, easy access to transportation, outstanding municipal services, healthcare, and a host of recreational amenities and cultural events. The City is committed to maintaining these community characteristics while extending our reach into areas that require a greater inclusive presence. In addition to conserving the City’s scarce natural resources, a more compact, complete development pattern will provide Henderson residents with more diverse housing choices, encourage neighborhood reinvestment, and better connect jobs and housing.
Every child in this city ought to be able to get a job here. I want to see diverse opportunities. I want them to be able to fulfill their dreams.
                                                                                                                                - Councilman John Marz (Strategic Plan, 2019)

Walk to City Parks
Health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing. A great parks system in a community can boost the well-being by providing equitable access for all residents, therefore the City of Henderson is dedicated to providing opportunities for fitness and recreation in local parks within a 10-minute walk of resident homes.
Water Consumption
Gallons Per Capita Per Day (GPCD) is a metric used by many communities to measure water use (consumption). It is an effective tool to measure conservation efficiency over time. GPCD varies across communities due to several factors, including differences in climate, demographics, water-use accounting practices, and economic conditions. The City of Henderson has achieved reductions in gross potable water use per capita with the permanent adoption of the City's water conservation regulations and enforcement practices. Further conservation is needed to achieve long-term conservation goals.
Bike Lanes
The City is committed to developing a comprehensive strategy to encourage pedestrian and bicycling modes of transportation as viable alternatives while maintaining a robust and sustainable roadway network. To this end, the City has adopted the goal of increasing the proximity of bike lanes.
This City's comprehensive strategy also includes the City of Henderson's extensive 180+ mile trail system which provides an opportunity for recreation and serves as a mode of alternate transportation. 

  • Completed and began implementation of the Henderson Housing and Community Development Strategy which encourages a variety of housing type choices in Henderson.
  • Established the Water Street Barrier art project and worked with the city’s Redevelopment Agency and Arts Council to identify future public art locations and artist selections.
  • Participated in the County’s process to identify emergency shelter sites with expanded services and that resulted in the selection of four shelter sites, including HopeLink of Southern Nevada in Henderson.
  • To reduce water consumption, the city identified 7 Henderson parks that will undergo turf conversion in Fiscal Year 2021. The city also completed multiple public conservation marketing campaigns: a Smart Leak Detector targeted outreach email campaign, two separate Water Smart Landscapes outreach letter campaigns, and four joint SNWA/COH targeted letter campaigns.