High-Performing Public Service

The City of Henderson’s vision is “To Be America’s Premier Community.” To realize this vision, the City must be accountable, transparent, efficient, and responsive to its residents while also fully engaging its employees to provide premier services. Although the City is proud of its reputation for outstanding customer service, along with its 94 percent overall citizen satisfaction rate and its 90 percent employee engagement rate, it is dedicated to advancing the processes and technology required to further exceed resident expectations.
[W]e will focus on monitoring data-driven results, providing transparent and accountable progress reports to stakeholders, and remaining agile as new challenges arise...
-Richard A. Derrick, City Manager (Strategic Plan, 2019)

CITIZEN SATISFACTION RATING w/ Overall Quality of Services Provided = 94%
Electronic Plan Review
The city’s online permitting tool was utilized to increase the submittal and review of development plans to 100 percent electronic. Additionally, the City instituted “instant” permits for some permit types to address the needs of smaller projects. The City of Henderson became the first in the Las Vegas Valley to implement a fully electronic signature process for civil improvement plans.

  • Implemented a customer portal application, MyCivic, available through the web or a mobile device that gives citizens a singular on-line customer experience for those who opt-in. 
  • Developed governance standards and a presentation framework for publishing data through the city’s Open Data portal to increase transparency and accountability around city programs. 
  • Migrated City Council meeting records, ordinances, resolutions, contracts, and agreements from a legacy system to make them available to the public via cityofhenderson.com. 
  • Implemented city-wide customer service standards for phone, email, and customer management software to increase the consistency and efficiency of interactions with the public. Expanded training to all front-line staff.